Troubles with kitchen utensils

Let’s move to the kitchen. Take a look at this pot that I proudly own:

My cooking pot

My cooking pot

Seems quite normal right? I also didn’t notice any problem when I bought it.

Now let me teach you how a pot is used – you put it on the stove, fill it with food and wait :D. Then you take it by the handles and move it somewhere… or at least you try to, ’cause the handles on mine are part of the body (entirely made of metal) and are hot as hell! Why should I be forced to use oven gloves every time?! Who designed this junk? How hard was it to put some plastic there like normal cooking pot designers do (no idea how these people are called, but I’m pretty sure someone decided how it should look like)?

It does the job (I’m not gonna starve or something), but it’s just annoying.


It’s electric!

Some time ago me and a bunch of friends rented a vacation villa. Here’s what I saw in the corridor:

Power plug comes from another room!

Power plug comes from another room!

Yeah… it’s a plug coming out of a bedroom and going into the corridor socket. When I checked the room I understood the reason – the only empty socket in the room was located… on the ceiling (keep in mind that was a bedroom). I’m sure that people over 2 meters tall will find that very handy for charging their smartphone. Oh wait! I forgot most chargers aren’t longer that 1 meter, which would leave their phones hanging in the middle of the room 😀

Taps in the UK

I was visiting a friend in the UK a while ago and had to face a monster like the one here:

English: Separate taps for hot and cold water ...

Separate taps for hot and cold water in the United Kingdom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now for those of you who haven’t seen this before:

Left tap = hellfire

Right tap = Antarctica

You get two options for washing your hands – move them with lightning speed between the running taps or fill the sink. I guess filling the sink with mixed water is considered the “proper” way. Well I have just one word for you: “hygiene”. That thing actually turns a simple task into an impossible one!

Apparently separate taps are quite common in the UK. It used to be considered quite smart 1 million years ago when diseases were spreading through the hot water and having a mixed tap meant that drinking from it would expose you to the danger (‘cause there would still be some hot water left in the pipe). Good. But it’s time to move on and embrace the modern world 🙂