Water resistant watches

Finally it’s time to resume my blog – too bad the inspiration came from an unfortunate event.

I was enjoying my time at the beach some days ago and decided to go for a swim. I had unintentionally taken my watch with me to the beach and didn’t want to leave it lying there, so I decided to swim with it – after all it says on the back it’s water resistant up to 5 atmospheres and I wasn’t going to dive 50 meters below the surface. Later during the day I noticed the glass had fogged up, but thought it’s kinda normal. Check out the picture below to see what awaited me the next morning – it had stopped and a beautiful orange rusty dot had appeared right in the middle.

Left: the rusty dot. Right: "Water resistant 5 ATM"

Left: the rusty dot. Right: “Water resistant 5 ATM”

I took it to the watchmaker and explained that I had taken a swim with my 5 atm. water resistant watch and the reply was simply “ARE YOU MAD?! THESE atmospheres are not like the OTHER atmospheres”. But my favourite was “Why didn’t you read the manual before swimming?” – oh yeah, I carry the manual for my watch and read it carefully every time I put it on!

Well I guess now it’s my fault the watchmakers use traditional units in a totally random (and deceiving to the normal user) manner. What’s the problem in using plain words to tell people what the watch can do, like “Suitable for swimming”, “Suitable for diving up to 10 meters”…

So here’s your takeaway message:

5 atm / 5 bar / 50 meters = you can wash your hands with it, but not swim
10 atm / 10 bar / 100 meters = you can swim, but not dive

RIP my love, I’ll never forget the last 8 years ;(


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