A horrible water heater

Here’s what I came across – a tankless water heater. I guess those are getting more and more popular recently (just hope this particular model isn’t).

Unusable tankless water heater

The horrible water heater

What do we see here?

  • on/off button (that’s clear)
  • knob with some red and blue markings on the bottom

What do I need to know when washing my hands?

  • how to regulate the water temperature
  • how to regulate the water flow

So how am I supposed to do both with that single knob? Here’s my mental model: turning the knob left/right would control the temperature and the more you turn the more water comes out… but wait – if I turn more to the left would that mean that it also gets hotter? Well I played around with it for quite some time and it turns out that the knob only controls the amount of water and the temperature always remains warm (never hot, never cold). I asked the person next to me (this water heater’s power user :D) how to set it to cold (I simply wanted to drink) and he replied that the only way to do this is to TURN IT OFF.

Well what’s the point of such a thing anyway. You can never drink from the tap and the temperature remains in a position preset by the manufacturer. What if it’s too cold/hot for me?


Taps in the UK

I was visiting a friend in the UK a while ago and had to face a monster like the one here:

English: Separate taps for hot and cold water ...

Separate taps for hot and cold water in the United Kingdom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now for those of you who haven’t seen this before:

Left tap = hellfire

Right tap = Antarctica

You get two options for washing your hands – move them with lightning speed between the running taps or fill the sink. I guess filling the sink with mixed water is considered the “proper” way. Well I have just one word for you: “hygiene”. That thing actually turns a simple task into an impossible one!

Apparently separate taps are quite common in the UK. It used to be considered quite smart 1 million years ago when diseases were spreading through the hot water and having a mixed tap meant that drinking from it would expose you to the danger (‘cause there would still be some hot water left in the pipe). Good. But it’s time to move on and embrace the modern world 🙂