Using the stuff at the bottom of Facebook’s and LinkedIn’s news feeds

A lot of websites use something called “infinite scrolling” – once you reach the bottom of the page new content is loaded automatically and you don’t have to switch the pages manually.┬áThe whole point is that there is no real bottom. I’m sure you’ve seen this already – 9GAG and Blogs use it.

And so does LinkedIn’s new feed. There’s a “spinner” for a second until the new posts are loaded. Here’s how it looks like:

LinkedIn's infinite scroll

LinkedIn’s infinite scroll

But notice anything strange? The very bottom has links like “Careers”, “About”, “Developers”, etc. Well how am I supposed to click them (or even read them) if in just a second they get pushed way down…?

Now if you’re patient and scroll down 3 times the thing stops and instead a “Show More Updates” button appears. Finally you have the chance to press the “Careers” link… But what if you gave up after the second try?

And here’s the same thing on Facebook:

Facebook's infinite scroll

Facebook’s infinite scroll

Except that they don’t even have this “3 times” rule…

I really hope they miss some brilliant employees who think that companies with limitless resources should be better than this.