My Kindle Paperwhite

I got it 3 months ago and have been very happy with it.

I don’t want this to turn into yet another Klinde review, so the technical stuff will be short and with a smaller font (hint: just skip it) 🙂

– the display is amazing! Absolutely no problems with reading outside (even when it’s sunny).
– the touch screen is good enough.
– screen transitions are fast enough (quite slow actually, but you’re reading a book not watching a movie so it doesn’t really matter).

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite (Photo credit: Zero2Cool_DE)

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For those of you who think “why don’t you just buy a tablet – you can use for a lot of stuff + ebooks”: This thing actually MAKES you read! You know you just bought a cool new gadget and you wanna use it. This effect goes away in a couple of weeks, but the habit remains (I really, really hope it does). It’s small, light, you can carry it around (and read for 20 minutes on the bus), show off your own style with various cases and skins. It makes the whole experience of reading different, personal, modern.

People usually like what they’re reading, right? If they didn’t – they’d just put the book aside. Therefore every time you use your Kindle you’re having a good time. How could you then possibly not like it? Add good usability and nice looks – you see how Kindle Paperwhite has the potential of turning into one of your favourite possessions.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot: tap and hold on a word and an Oxford Dictionary definition of the word appears (so simple, yet so cool) !!!