Sports commentators and touch screens

Football is one of my passions. Several days ago I was watching a match of the Bulgarian league and couldn’t help but laugh at the commentators. They were analyzing some interesting situations in front of a big screen.

Commentator in front of giant touch screen

Commentator in front of giant touch screen. (Photo credit: BNT World)

As you see there are several controls available on the bottom.  They allow them to navigate the video and draw some circles and lines while they’re explaining. That’s nice right? They can easily point out players’ mistakes and so on.


1. They often need several attempts before the touch screen actually registers their actions.

2. Because the screen is so big, the people need to take 1-2 steps, press the desired control (while completely blocking the view), then walk another 1-2 steps back and only then start explaining their point.

Commentator blocking the view

Commentator blocking the view. (Photo credit: BNT World)

Obviously this distracts them (breaks the train of thought) and is also annoying to viewers – instead of listening to the analysis I’m watching a guy fighting with an unusable system.

A clear case of “look at us – we’re so cool, we’re using touch screens” 😀